‘We need more public pressure on international climate policy’

Road to Cop27

IKEM’s annual conference, held on 11 October, focused on the global dimensions of climate law and policy. The event was titled ‘The Road to COP27: Advancing Global Climate Action’. Conference speakers included Dr Kathleen Pauleweit, LLM, and Dr Michael Kalis, who are senior researchers at IKEM. We spoke with Pauleweit and Kalis about their research […]

Legal certainty needed for customer installations

Photovoltaikanalgen auf einem Dach

Customer installations, such as an energy supply system in an apartment building, can provide end users with a local energy supply outside of the regulated grid. The operation of such systems receives privileged treatment under energy law, which is why the solution is economically appealing, for example to supply energy to a neighbourhood. However, an […]

Successful meeting of ENGAGE and SINA project partners

Projekttreffen ENGAGE SINA

Both projects ENGAGE and SINA deal with the potential of social innovations for sustainable transformations. Now, members of both teams met to discuss social innovations in the energy transition. In more general terms, Social Innovations describe ideas which address social needs by improved means. In order to attain an inclusive and just energy transition, we […]

ENGAGE partners announce Social Innovation Challenge winners

RevoluSun – Preisträger des Social Innovation Challenge des ENGAGE Projektes

On 8 October, ENGAGE partners announced the winners of the Social Innovation Challenge. The competition called for creative proposals to encourage active participation in the energy transition.  Andrea Raquel Ruiz Lopez and Marina Braun won first prize after impressing the jury with their project, ‘RevoluSUN’. The project aims to empower people to accelerate the energy […]

Climate negotiations, targets take centre stage at IKEM Annual Conference

Dr. Camilla Bausch (Ecologic Institute) bei der IKEM-Jahrestagung 2022

In preparation for next month’s Conference of the Parties (COP) in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, IKEM dedicated its annual conference on 11 October to a discussion of the global dimensions of climate protection law and policy. Presentations by renowned researchers and representatives from politics and practice highlighted the importance of the upcoming climate negotiations for global […]

A new sustainable fuel sets sail

Cargo ship on green background

Many green fuels reach their limits when it comes to propelling giant vessels across the ocean. IKEM is releasing an infographic poster to explain the potential for green ammonia to serve as a carbon-neutral fuel for the shipping sector. In the face of climate change and the energy crisis, the decarbonisation of our energy supply […]

Social innovation – now!

Teilnehmer des ENGAGE Projekttreffens vor dem IKEM-Gebäude

The ENGAGE project explores the potential for social innovations to accelerate a successful and inclusive energy transition. At a meeting on 27 September, partners laid the foundations for the next stages of the project. The energy transition in Germany is a collaborative project. Public participation is crucial to the success of the transformation. But it’s […]

‘Water is becoming an endangered good’

IKEM signed a collaboration agreement on 14 September with the University Institute of Water Research and Environmental Sciences (IUACA) of the University of Alicante, Spain. The collaboration offers an opportunity for IKEM to extend its work on water-related challenges, building on its existing research on nature-based solutions. Mariana Moreno Kuhnke, who earned a master’s degree […]

At InnoTrans 2022, IKEM lays the groundwork for autonomous trams

In the AStriD project, the IKEM is using the example of a tram depot in Potsdam to investigate how autonomous driving systems can be implemented in rail vehicles. At InnoTrans 2022, senior researchers Friedemann Kallmeyer and Timon Plass presented their findings on the economic potential of such systems as well as the challenges associated with […]

IKEM and IUACA address water-related challenges of climate change

A new partnership between the Berlin-based Institute for Climate Protection, Energy and Mobility (IKEM) and the University Institute of Water Research and Environmental Sciences (IUACA) of the University of Alicante, Spain, aims to accelerate research on water resources. The institutions formalised the collaboration agreement on 14 September in Alicante following a joint seminar held with […]