ENGAGE kick-off: social innovation – now!

The evidence is in: a clear majority of Germans support renewable energy expansion (82%) and view the energy transition as a collaborative effort that requires everyone to do their share (83%). At the same time, many perceive the actual implementation process as chaotic and unfair and criticise the lack of opportunities for civil society to […]

Let’s get MUV’ing!

In Germany, cars claim many thousands of square kilometres of street space for driving (and parking). The UBA project Measures for the Rededication and Redistribution of Traffic Areas (MUV) is exploring the potential for alternative uses of these areas. Researchers are analysing approaches to improve quality of life in cities by promoting active mobility and […]

ESRa: for an energy transition that’s equitable – and custom-made

How do we design a transition that leaves no one behind? Since April 2020, IKEM and its partners in the ‘Energiewende im Sozialen Raum’ (ESRa) project have analysed differences between regional development potential in Berlin and the district of Spree-Neiße.   After six months of careful work, project participants are preparing their recommendations for publication. Jana Karras, a research associate in IKEM’s Energy Efficiency and Climate Finance Team, gives us a sneak peek.    IKEM’s […]

Climate protection on an industrial scale – What companies expect from politicians now

Contribution by Sabine Nallinger, Director of “Stiftung 2°” The latest IPCC report, as well as the forest fires in the Mediterranean and the flood disaster in Germany, make it unmistakably clear; the upcoming German government must put us on a binding and reliable path to climate neutrality using concrete measures. In addition to an ambitious […]

Turning the tide on water use: from freshwater scarcity to fresh perspectives

Guest contribution by Dr. Juliane Thimet, deputy managing director of the Bavarian Municipal Association and member of the IKEM advisory board   Climate change is the driving force for a ‘water transition’, which poses an enormous challenge for humanity. The following 7 principles should guide the activities and efforts that Germany will undertake in the […]