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Members of the IKEM Research Directorate

For almost 15 years, IKEM has been conducting interdisciplinary research on climate change mitigation as well as the transition to sustainable energy and transport under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Michael Rodi. In view of the continued growth of the institute and the expanding range of topics covered, IKEM is now strengthening its scientific management with a newly established Research Directorate.

With the members Prof. Dr. Jelena Bäumler (Leuphana University Lüneburg), Dr. Michael Kalis (IKEM/University of Greifswald), Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Lehmann (University of Applied Sciences Erfurt) and Prof. Dr. Susanne Stoll-Kleemann (University of Greifswald), the disciplines of law, political science, economics, geography and engineering, as well as a variety of new perspectives on the Institute’s research topics, are represented on the Research Directorate. The aim of the Research Directorate is to incorporate this specialist and disciplinary expertise into the work of IKEM, provide input and identify additional subject areas. The members of the Board of Directors maintain regular contact with IKEM researchers and projects.

Prof. Dr. Michael Rodi, Scientific Director of IKEM, is looking forward to working with the interdisciplinary Research Directorate: “With Prof. Dr. Jelena Bäumler, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Lehmann and Prof. Dr. Susanne Stoll-Kleemann, we have been able to bring in outstanding scientists who will contribute their expertise in the fields of international climate, energy and economic law, railroad engineering and sustainable transport as well as sustainability and transformation research to the Institute’s work. Dr. Michael Kalis, who has been researching fundamental issues of climate and energy transition law at IKEM since 2018, complements the Research Directorate in his new role as Deputy Scientific Director of IKEM.”

Members of the Research Directorate


Prof Dr Michael RodiQuelle: IKEM/Jule Halsinger

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