Just Transition: Interviews with stakeholders from coal regions

Just Transition: Interviews with stakeholders from coal regions

Sabrina Heinecke (IKEM) führte die Interviews für die Just Transition Studie mit Dr. Klaus Freytag, Lefteris Ioannidis und Dennis Dougherty.
Sabrina Heinecke (IKEM) conducted the interviews for the Just Transition study with Dr. Klaus Freytag, Lefteris Ioannidis, and Dennis Dougherty.

As part of the SINTEG project WindNODE, IKEM is conducting a study on the just transition of former coal regions. For this ‘Just Transition’ study, several interviews with regional stakeholders from different coal regions have been held in the past weeks. The findings from these interviews will be used to support other regions affected by the coal phase-out in the form of a transition toolbox.

Most recently, the following interviews were conducted:

The former mayor of Kozani, Lefteris Ioannidis, spoke with us about the transformation in Western Macedonia and Greece. Mr. Ioannidis was substantially involved in ensuring that the issue of just transformation was also addressed at the EU level. He emphasized the importance of cooperation, interregional exchange, an open and honest dialogue and a new way of thinking for a successful transformation: “We need to work together, energize people and prepare specific projects”.

Dr. Klaus Freytag is the representative of the Prime Minister of Brandenburg for Lusatia. He named various success factors for a just transformation. Among other things, local and regional multipliers who know the history, the people and the identity of the region play a decisive role. For the further transformation process in Lusatia, he emphasized the importance of the European spirit, the reduction of bureaucracy and the translation of visions into a strategic concept and concrete transformation projects.

Dennis Dougherty is chairman of Colorado’s Just Transition Advisory Committee (JTAC) and director of the state’s umbrella labor union, the AFL-CIO, which represents about 180 affiliated unions and has a membership of more than 130,000 workers. According to Dougherty, it is crucial to give communities and workers a fair chance. Transformation processes need the self-responsibility and leadership of the community and should take into account the identity issues at hand. Therefore, community-based approaches should be combined with a unified approach to workers, sufficient resources, and cross-government collaboration.

More information on the project and the Just Transition study: justtransition.ikem.de.

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