Dr. Camilla Bausch

Member of the Advisory Board


IKEM – Institute for Climate Protection,
Energy and Mobility e.V.

Dr. Camilla Bausch is the Scientific and Executive Director of Ecologic Institute. Her research focuses on environmental, climate and energy policy. She was part of the German delegation to the UN climate negotiations for many years. In Germany, she has been involved in the introduction and reform of emissions trading, as well as in the development of energy law, in particular energy economics law. The implementation and effects of the energy transition on neighbouring European countries are an important part of her work, as is the further development of European climate and energy policy. Dr. Bausch is spokesperson of the Ecological Research Network (Ecornet). She is co-editor of the Carbon & Climate Law Review (CCLR) and teaches courses at various universities and research institutions. Dr. Bausch was born in Berlin, but was in the USA for a year just before the fall of the Berlin Wall, where she earned her high school diploma. After graduating from high school in Baden-Württemberg, she studied law in Berlin and Cologne, where she also worked at the university, specializing in European and environmental law. Afterwards, she was integrated into a graduate college and completed her doctorate on comparative law on grid usage rules in the liberalised electricity market of the European Union. From 2009 to 2014, Dr. Bausch was a member and for three years chairman of the supervisory board of Greenpeace Germany. In 2004 she co-founded the Climate Talk event series, for which she was responsible for ten years. She is also the initiator and director of EnergieWendeKunst.