Kate Miller

Research Associate
Kate Miller


IKEM – Institute for Climate Protection,
Energy and Mobility e.V.

Kate works as a development coordinator and copywriter at IKEM. She is responsible for designing and managing fundraising initiatives at IKEM. She also writes and edits content for marketing materials and the Gender Equality Toolkit (EQT), including texts for the award-winning EQT poster. At the University of Greifswald, Kate taught a seminar on U.S. law and environmental policy and translates texts on environmental law, including Economic Analysis of Public Law, by Professor Michael Rodi.

Originally from the United States, Kate holds a Bachelor of Arts in German Studies from Haverford College and a Master of Arts in Sociology from the University of California-Davis. She was a Fulbright Scholar and is co-founder of an award-winning NGO for at-risk youth in Philadelphia.

In addition to her work for the University of Greifswald and IKEM, Kate supports the Stolpersteine art initiative by providing volunteer translation services.