Dr. Manfred Vohrer

Member of the Advisory Board


IKEM – Institute for Climate Protection,
Energy and Mobility e.V.

Dr. Manfred Vohrer was born in Reutlingen in 1941. After completing a commercial and technical apprenticeship, he studied economics in Tübingen, Lausanne and Freiburg. He received his doctorate on the acceptance of the European agricultural policy under Prof. Dr. D. Constantin von Dietze at the University of Freiburg.As a founding board member of “Aktion Umweltschutz” in Freiburg in 1968, from which BUND emerged, Dr. Manfred Vohrer has always been committed to shaping the market economy in such a way that it creates incentives for sustainable economic activity by internalising external costs. From 1972-83 Dr. Manfred Vohrer was a member of the German Bundestag and from 1989-94 a member of the European Parliament. There, as rapporteur for the Environment Committee, he was the first to introduce emissions trading to achieve climate targets into the debate.As Chairman of the Board of the forestry company global-woods international AG, Dr. Manfred Vohrer has been translating his proposals for CO2 compensation into practice for over 20 years. In Uganda, Argentina and Paraguay he has thus initiated the planting of over 10 million trees, which bind a firm 2 million tons of CO2.Dr. Manfred Vohrer is an honorary member of the European Parliament and has received many awards for his services. For more than 50 years now, I have been committed to more environmental protection in the market economy and more market economy in environmental policy. I am pleased to be able to contribute this experience to the circle of competent energy policy decision-makers by being appointed to the IKEM Advisory Board.