Mikolaj Sekutowicz

Member of the Advisory Board


IKEM – Institute for Climate Protection,
Energy and Mobility e.V.

Mikolaj Sekutowicz is Co-founder and Chairman of Impact One, an impact investment initiative that looks at infrastructure projects as an opportunity to drive the necessary social and environmental change to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. With cutting-edge urban infrastructure technology, such as Therme Group’s Wellbeing Centers, Impact One aims to create evidence-based health-promoting and environmentally sustainable infrastructure.

As a founding board member and Vice-President of Therme Group, Sekutowicz is responsible for the group’s international expansion, strategic development, and culture, transitioning into a positive-impact, nature-centred, and profitable wellbeing infrastructure provider. His portfolio encompasses serving as Curator and CEO of Therme Art and Co-Founder & CEO of Therme One Health and the One Health Research Centre. Through these impact ventures, Sekutowicz is spearheading the company’s transdisciplinary approach for creating groundbreaking initiatives that foster personal and societal wellbeing, environmental sustainability, and the resiliency of urban life.