Electromobility funding landscape

IKEM facilitates the meetings of Berlin's project group on charging infrastructure and provides input on current funding programs for electromobility



In order to accelerate the expansion of the charging infrastructure in Berlin, in addition to charging infrastructure in public space, the semi-public and private sector should also be considered and the expansion should be tackled with the participation of business.

IKEM facilitates the meetings of the cross-administrative project group on charging infrastructure. The projec group’s aim is to create a common understanding of the “Berlin model” through an open discussion and stakeholder involvement (expert hearing, overview of the funding landscape, selected aspects of the legal framework). Based on the understanding, IKEM will provide ideas for the improvement of the “Berlin model”, including its potential for transfer to private spaces.


Förderlandschaft Elektromobilität/Projektgruppe Ladeinfrastruktur (SenUVK)

Principal: Senatsverwaltung für Umwelt, Verkehr und Klimaschutz

Duration: 03/2018–03/2018