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“Cooperation is the key to a successful energy transition in the Baltic Sea region”

University of Greifswald

The Baltic Sea region stands out as one of the most integrated maritime cultural areas globally. However, since 1989, political and social upheavals have posed challenges to the region, prompting states and societies to respond with both ‘integration’ and ‘demarcation.’ In light of these dynamics, the research projects of the Interdisciplinary Research Center Baltic Sea […]

Analysis of climate governance in the European Union and the Baltic Sea states

Container ship at the port

As part of the CAMPFIRE research project, the Institute for Climate Protection, Energy and Mobility (IKEM) has published two publications dealing with the legal framework for the decarbonisation of shipping and the use of ammonia in the Baltic Sea: – A study that examines the climate governance of the European Union and five countries bordering […]

Networking for offshore wind and hydrogen projects in the Baltic Sea Region

Diskussion bei der BOWE2H-Netzwerkkonferenz

What does the future interaction of offshore wind energy and hydrogen production in the Baltic Sea region look like and what is currently happening in this area in Germany? These were some of the topics considered at a conference organised by IKEM on 22 May within the framework of the BOWE2H project. “With an overall […]