The management team is responsible for a large number of activities at IKEM and, together with the IKEM director Prof. Dr. Michael Rodi and the board of directors, advances the administrative and economic development of the institute. IKEM’s management is supported by a finance and a communication department.


We must ensure that innovative mobility concepts contribute to solving existing problems instead of exacerbating them. That is why the IKEM conducts research on autonomous systems, artificial intelligence and digitalisation.

Sustainability and Innovation

IKEM examines innovative ways of system transformation and develops communication formats for knowledge transfer. This is how we create acceptance for sustainability topics and apply our research in practice.

Energy Law

Transforming our energy system and increasing the use of renewables is a major undertaking. The IKEM is meeting this challenge by conducting analyses, issuing expert opinions and developing strategies to optimise the legal framework.

Energy Efficiency and Climate Finance

Ambitious goals for energy efficiency and climate protection require substantial investments and sustainable changes in investment structures. We explore how capital can be mobilized and optimally deployed.