International exchange to improve rural mobility

MobiRural Team

On 17–18 November 2022, the MobiRural consortium met in Bucharest, Romania, for a second project meeting. MobiRural project partners aim to identify solutions for sustainable rural mobility and create guidance for their implementation.  Against this background, the first project day focused on the ‘Rural mobility handbook’. The handbook is a compilation of experiences, information and […]

Germany and France must lead the way on electric road system technology

Oberleitungs-LWK auf einem eHighway-Testfeld

In a study published today, IKEM examines scenarios and frameworks for the extensive implementation of electric road systems (ERS) in the EU. If appropriate preconditions are met, ERS has the potential to contribute to the decarbonisation of the transport sector by providing energy for heavy-duty transport. The study concludes that the European framework requires and […]