The Institute

IKEM is a non-profit association and independent research institute with over 10 years of experience in interdisciplinary research on climate change mitigation. Its work explores issues at the intersection of law, economics and politics.

The Institute

IKEM is a non-profit association and independent research institute with over 10 years of experience in interdisciplinary research on climate change mitigation, law and economics.

Fundamental research

IKEM is affiliated to the University of Greifswald. Since 2009, it has conducted research on climate change mitigation and related challenges, such as the transition to sustainable energy and mobility. We work closely with other universities and research institutions to examine the legal, economic and political basis for successful climate action.

Applied research

We regularly participate in projects that test ideas for the transformation of industry and society in real-world laboratories and in implementation projects. Our research promotes innovations in the legal and political framework and enables climate solutions to reach the market with optimal public acceptance.


Legislation must be consistently oriented towards the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and the implementation of sustainability criteria. We promote fact-based decision-making on climate change mitigation through research, networking and knowledge transfer.

Public engagement

We are committed to increasing public acceptance of and participation in the transition to sustainability. That's why we are developing innovative communication formats that make knowledge about climate change and the energy and mobility transitions accessible to everyone. We believe that climate action must go hand in hand with social justice. We are committed to inclusion and equality at all levels and support local initiatives promoting equitable development.


Organisation and management

IKEM is a non-profit registered association (VR 4972, Stralsund District Court) consisting of 20 members.

Board of Directors

IKEM’s Board of Directors determines the research priorities and strategic direction of the Institute. The chairman of the Board is Prof. Dr. Michael Rodi.


IKEM’s managing directors oversee the day-to-day operations of the institute on behalf of the Board of Directors and guide the future development of the Institute.

Scientific and Strategic Advisory Board

IKEM’s Board of Directors consists of experts from various scientific disciplines as well as consultants and entrepreneurs from the business community. The Advisory Board supports the Institute by providing recommendations on various topics, including IKEM’s research priorities and strategic orientation. The chairman of the Advisory Board is Prof. Christian Held.


IKEM finances its research primarily through project grants. These are awarded through national and European funding programmes and/or made available through public and private contracts. The Institute receives additional financial support from its strategic partners and private individuals.

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Collaboration with our partners and other organisations is essential to our work. IKEM is a member of various initiatives and, since 2017, has held Special Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC).

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