We contribute our expertise and our proposals for ambitious climate protection to the annual global climate negotiations.
Conclusion of COP28

Every COP is a crucial moment in the fight for our planet and a sustainable future. The latest scientific findings, in particular the most recent IPCC reports, continually underline the urgent need for action in the area of climate protection.

As a recognised NGO at the United Nations, IKEM has been actively involved in the COP for many years. The Institute is usually represented on site with a small delegation and organises side events on current research topics. The IKEM scientists accompany the negotiations, take part in briefings and participate in side events, exchange views with international experts and contribute their proposals for ambitious climate protection.

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Prof Dr Michael RodiQuelle: IKEM/Jule HalsingerQuelle: IKEM/Jule Halsinger


2024 | COP29 | Azerbaijan



Looking back at previous COPs

2023 | COP28 | Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Transformation of Ukraine

Almost eight years after the Paris Agreement, COP28 – including the recently concluded first Global Stocktake – focused on the implementation and improvement of commitments already made.

Building on the initial research results of the Europe-Ukraine Energy Transition Hub (EUETH), IKEM’s activities at COP28 focused on strategies for the reconstruction and transformation of Ukraine’s energy sector

2022 | COP27 | Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt

Dealing with climate-related legal disputes

In November 2022, government representatives from almost 200 countries came together in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, to negotiate the further development of international climate agreements and concrete measures to limit climate change. The negotiations focused on dealing with damages and losses caused by climate change, for which a new mechanism for financial compensation was created at COP27.

IKEM focused on climate law and devoted COP27 to the increasing importance of climate litigation and arbitration in the resolution of climate-related disputes.

2021 | COP26 | Glasgow, United Kingdom

Article 6 / Sustainable cities

One of the most important topics at COP26 in Glasgow was probably the negotiations on the implementation of Article 6 of the Paris Climate Agreement – the last part of the “Paris Rulebook” that has not yet been finalized, which deals with the creation of a global CO₂ certificate trade.

IKEM was represented with several of its own events in Glasgow. The focus was on the questions of how market designs can contribute to achieving climate neutrality and what framework conditions are required for sustainable urban planning.

2019 | COP25 | Madrid, Spain

CO₂ pricing

The key topic of COP25 was the finalization of the supplementary regulations to the Paris Agreement – in particular rules on Article 6, which were left out of the previous negotiations.

IKEM was represented with a side event on CO₂ pricing in Madrid. Experts from different continents discussed their experiences and strategies for national and supranational governance. IKEM was also involved in a workshop on climate finance.

2018 | COP24 | Katowice, Poland

Climate financing

One of the aims of COP24 was to define rights and obligations for the signatory states on the way to the 1.5° target. This also includes globally standardized or at least comparable methods for measuring greenhouse gases.

Several IKEM scientists took part in the climate conference in Katowice. The agenda included meetings with international delegations, side events – including on the topic of climate financing – and a panel discussion on climate-friendly urban districts.

2017 | COP23 | Bonn, Germany

energy transition

At COP23, the delegates discussed the implementation of the resolutions of the Paris Agreement and the next steps in climate protection. For example, the contracting parties agreed on the procedure for developing transparency rules and reporting obligations.

IKEM was also represented in Bonn: Director Prof. Dr. Michael Rodi was a speaker at the Kopernikus ENavi project’s side event on the energy transition. Aleksandra Novikova, PhD, supported the Armenian delegation in the negotiations.