Research Academy

Fundamental research and global networking is our contribution to a solid scientific basis for effective climate action.
University of Greifswald

With the research academy, IKEM has created a platform that combines excellent basic research on questions of climate protection in all sectors with scientific exchange and the promotion of young talent.

Fundamental research

The research academy bundles all of IKEM’s scientific activities which, independently of projects, deal with the fundamental legal, economic and political issues of climate protection and in particular the energy and mobility transition.

Scientific exchange

Science thrives on discourse. The IKEM Research Academy therefore promotes scientific exchange with other scientists and participates in the academic debates on climate protection through events and publications.

Promoting young talent

Through courses, research seminars, a graduate college and interdisciplinary research projects, we train the climate protectors of tomorrow! In addition, we support young academics with an academic support program as well as the promotion of doctorates, theses and publications.

Head of Department

Prof Dr Michael RodiQuelle: IKEM/Jule Halsinger