One Health Research Centre

Interactions and interdependencies of wellbeing, climate and the environment

One Health: Mensch und Planet



The One Health Research Center (OHRC) is a transdisciplinary research network dedicated to the interactions and interdependencies of wellbeing, climate, and the environment. Based on its research, the OHRC will develop holistic approaches for the promotion of health and preventive measures as well as define sustainability standards for urban development. The OHRC focuses on five topics: wellbeing, clean water, sustainable cities, sustainable consumption, and the protection of our climate and environment. The partners also consider extending the focus to the areas of nutrition, community medicine, bioeconomy and health care management.

The OHRC works closely with Therme Group and supports them in the implementation of their projects. The practical application of OHRC’s research results is intended to identify best practices and ensure their transferability to other projects. This will contribute to more sustainability in the health system, the technology sector, architecture and urban development as well as the construction industry.

IKEM’s tasks within the OHRC are based on its expertise in the areas of climate protection, sustainability, and policy design. With a focus on sustainable urban planning and resource efficiency, IKEM will develop sustainability standards, proposals for comprehensive environmental and climate protection measures as well as climate finance strategies.



IKEM – Institute for Climate Protection, Energy and Mobility e.V.

One Health Research Centre

Principal: Therme Group

Project partner: Therme One Health , Universität Greifswald

Duration: 11/2021–