International conference on energy law

The European energy transition from a comparative law perspective

IKEM-Direktor Prof. Dr. Michael Rodi bei der IKEM-Jahrestagung 2022

The University of Greifswald hosted the International Academic Conference on Comparative Perspectives on the Law of Energy Transition in Europe on 16–17 March 2023. The conference, which was spearheaded by Prof. Johannes Saurer of the University of Tübingen and Prof. Dr. Michael Rodi of IKEM/University of Greifswald/IFZO, examined comparative perspectives on energy transition laws across Europe.

The two-day event brought together renowned experts and practitioners in European energy transition law, who delivered presentations and engaged in discussions on laws in France, Germany, Italy, England and the Baltic Sea Region. It was evident that, despite the requirements instituted by the international and European legal framework, national standards varied significantly.

At the conference, it became clear that legislatures can exercise considerable discretion regarding the development of national strategies for the energy transition. This underscores the need for further comparative law research, which the participants intend to address through joint scientific projects and follow-up events.

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Prof Dr Michael RodiQuelle: IKEM/Jule Halsinger

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