Jana Karras

Research Associate
Jana Karras


IKEM – Institute for Climate Protection,
Energy and Mobility e.V.

Jana Karras specialises in German and Ukrainian law, international climate policy and climate finance. Jana has experience in international research and consultancy projects on developing and overseeing capacity building and knowledge sharing activities. She focuses on the financing of the energy transition and climate measures, the evaluation of policy approaches in the field of energy efficiency and climate policy at the global, regional, national, and local levels.

Jana accessed national institutional and financial capacities and developed options to improve the access to the IKI and was involved in the development of climate change projects in Central Asia, East and South Europe. She contributed to the work on assessing legal and financing options for Berlin and Spree-Neiße to facilitate energy transition in the project “Energy Transition in Social Space – ESRa and to enabling exchange with best practices on financing the implementation of climate and energy management in municipalities of Germany, Slovakia, and Czechia with project “EnPowerClimate” (EUKI/BMU).

Jana Karras holds a master’s degree in law from the National University “Law Academy of Ukraine named after Yaroslav Mudryi”. She has also successfully passed the 1st state exam in laws in Germany (Diplom-Juristin, Greifswald University). She is writing her PhD thesis on “Legal barriers of thermal efficiency improvement in dwellings populated by low-income tenants and opportunities to overcome them. Case study of Germany” under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Rodi at the University of Greifswald. During her PhD research, Jana works with a comparative method of analysis of different jurisdictions and evaluation of best practices and their replicability in other legal orders.