Dr. Volker Bühner

Member of the Advisory Board


IKEM – Institute for Climate Protection,
Energy and Mobility e.V.

Dr. Bühner studied electrical engineering at the University of Dortmund and received his doctorate in 1998 in the field of artificial intelligence in energy supply at the Department of Electrical Energy Supply at the University of Dortmund. Afterwards he was first a project engineer and then head of department at EUS GmbH, a research spin-off. Since 2006, he was initially responsible for forecasting and optimization systems and then for virtual power plants at KISTERS AG.Since 2016 he has been head of the Business Unit Energy at KISTERS AG, responsible for the provision and implementation of solutions for the liberalized energy markets. In addition to control systems, energy data management, portfolio management, forecasting and optimization, this includes the combination of these systems to form comprehensive solutions such as virtual power plants and smart grids. This includes the analysis of possible business models for the different roles of the energy markets. His experience includes about 50 projects from the energy industry, including the “Virtuelle Kraftwerk Unna”, one of the first virtual power plants in Germany in 2004.He is also responsible for EUS GmbH, in which the R&D activities of KISTERS AG are bundled. He was project manager of research projects such as Web2Energy, Whell2Weel and SmartRuralGrid. He is currently represented in the two KOPERNIKUS lead projects SynErgy and eNavi. Dr. Bühner is member of the CIGRE Study Committee C6 “Dispersed generation in distribution systems” and member of the ETG Task Force Active Energy Networks. He is co-author of the VDE-ETG study “Smart Distribution 2020” and more than 50 other publications.KISTERS will continue to contribute to research projects and studies together with IKEM on issues at the interface of climate protection and the energy industry. The IKEM is a recognized institute with trend-setting impulses across borders and disciplines.