IKEM Research Academy

With the research academy, IKEM has created a platform that combines excellent basic research on questions of climate protection in all sectors with scientific exchange and the promotion of young talent.

IKEM Research Academy

Basic research, scientific exchange and the promotion of young talent

Fundamental research

The research academy bundles all of IKEM's scientific activities which, independently of projects, deal with the fundamental legal, economic and political issues of climate protection and in particular the energy and mobility transition.

Scientific exchange

Science thrives on discourse. The IKEM Research Academy therefore promotes scientific exchange with other scientists and participates in the academic debates on climate protection through events and publications.

Promoting young talent

Through courses, research seminars, a graduate college and interdisciplinary research projects, we train the climate protectors of tomorrow! In addition, we support young academics with an academic support program as well as the promotion of doctorates, theses and publications.


Current issues

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Basic research – current projects

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Promotion of young talent

We are committed to the training of young scientists and offer them the opportunity to complete their theses and doctorates in an interdisciplinary and practice-oriented environment. With the Graduate School on Climate Law, we are providing new ideas for the training of lawyers.

PhD students

Yasin Yilmaz
Simon Schäfer-Stradowsky
Roman Weidinger
Michael Kalis
Matthias Hartwig
Johannes Antoni
Dissertationsthema: Zugang, Nutzung und Flexibilität von Stromverteilnetzen im Kontext der Energie- und Verkehrswende
Jana Karras
Dissertationsthema: Legal barriers of thermal efficiency improvement in dwellings populated by low-income tenants and opportunities to overcome them. Case study of Germany
Friederike Pfeifer
Dissertationsthema: Gemeingebrauch und Sondernutzung – Flächenkonflikte im öffentlichen Raum durch neue Mobilitätsformen
Fanny Knoll
Dissertationsthema: Zugang zu und Weiterverwendung von Daten im Energiesektor im Lichte des Klimaschutzes

Graduate school on climate law

The graduate school offers committed young researchers the opportunity to deal with fundamental methodological questions of legal design, to develop well-founded concepts for a coherent climate protection law and to provide critical support to current legislative processes.

Global scientific exchange

Effective climate protection only works together and only globally. That is why the IKEM Research Academy connects climate protection scientists and participates in national and international research projects.

IKEM Academy-Teilnehmende

Since 2004, the IKEM Academy “Energy and Climate” provides a forum for young researchers, experts and interested parties from all over the world to discuss current issues in energy and  climate protection policy. 

The IKEM Academy was founded   2004   by Prof. Dr. Rodi and has been organized by the IKEM Sustainability and Innovation team ever since 

Contribution to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)

On behalf of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), scientists from around the world compile the current status of climate research. IKEM also participates in the work of the IPCC, among other things by participating in the assessment reports.

Teilnehmer:innen der IPCC-Fachtagung in Addis Abeba 2017Quelle: IPCC
IKEM-Side Event bei der COP25 in Madrid (2019)

IKEM presence at the COP climate conferences

The IKEM is involved in the climate conferences through its scientific work and organizes side events in order to exchange ideas with other research institutions, decision-makers and representatives of civil society.

Support us

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IKEM is a non-profit organisation, which makes all contributions to us tax-deductible. For donations of up to €200, a bank record provided to the tax office is sufficient to claim the tax deduction. To request a donation receipt, please contact us at info@ikem.de.