Tender announcement | Subcontract as part of the project "ECORE - Electrified Corridor Europe"

Study on the section “Austrian border – Budapest”

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Name and address of the entity inviting tenders, the entity awarding the contract and the entity to which tenders or requests to participate must be submitted.

a) Entity inviting tenders:
Institute for Climate Protection, Energy and Mobility e.V.
Institute affiliated with the University of Greifswald
Magazinstraße 15 – 16, 10179 Berlin

Fax number: +49 (0)30 / 4081870-29


b) The awarding entity:
See above.

c) The entity to which the tenders are to be submitted:
See above.

Type of procedure:

Public invitation to tender

Form in which tenders are to be submitted:

  • By post
  • By fax

For details, see document: Application conditions under “3.3 Offer and communication during the procedure”

Measures to protect confidentiality and information on access to the tender documents:

IKEM will not disclose any information provided by the bidders and marked as confidential by them. This includes in particular trade and business secrets and the confidential aspects of the tenders including their attachments. IKEM guarantees the integrity of the data and the confidentiality of the requests to participate and tenders, including their attachments, in all communication and in the exchange and storage of information. Requests to participate and tenders, including their attachments, as well as the documentation on the opening and evaluation of requests to participate and tenders will be treated confidentially even after the award procedure has been completed. IKEM may impose requirements on bidders aimed at protecting the confidentiality of information in the context of the award procedure. This includes, in particular, the submission of a confidentiality agreement.

The tender documents are available free of charge for unrestricted and complete direct access.

Type and scope of the service and place of performance:

a) Type and scope of service:

  • Research – Work packages 1-5

For details see document Contract documents “1.3 Scope of services.”

b) Place of performance:

  • Online and see document Contract documents “1.3 Scope of services”

Any provisions on the execution period

Start of the execution period: 01.06.2024

End of the execution period:31.05.2025

Note on the execution period:
The services are to be provided within 12 months. The date given here for the start of the execution period is a target start date.

Electronic address at which the tender documents can be retrieved:

The offer and binding period:

Offer/submission deadline: 10.05.2024 – 24.00 CEST (prolonged until 17.05.2024 – 24.00 CEST)

Binding period: 27.05.2024

Offer/submission deadline refers to the deadline by which tenders can be submitted. Binding period refers to the period of time available to IKEM for determining and commissioning the tender.

The main terms of payment are:

  • 25% of the order amount at the beginning of the order
  • 50% of the order total after 6 months
  • 25% of the contract sum after submission and acceptance of all project results.

Details in the contract documents under “2. Terms of contract – § 1 remuneration”.

The documents to be submitted with the tender that IKEM requires to assess the suitability of the tenderer and the absence of grounds for exclusion

  • Non-existence of grounds for exclusion
    Information pursuant to § 31 UVgO in conjunction with § 123 and § 124 GWB
    (e.g. no conviction for subsidy fraud pursuant to Section 264 of the German Criminal Code)
  • Suitability
  • Submission of suitable references for previously performed services
  • If applicable, specify which parts of the contract are to be subcontracted

Indication of the award criteria

  • A fixed price is determined. For details see “2. Terms of contract – § 1 remuneration”
  • It is a pure performance competition.
  • The tender that is most closely aligned with the work packages of the E-CORE project and most closely corresponds to the specifications will be selected.

For details see document: “Application conditions”


The following questions concerning the tender process were asked. These questions relate solely to the document “Sample template: “Overview of work steps”.

Question 1:

“Is the work step carried out?”: We would like to know if this question means that the work step is done and finished, or if it indicates that this work step “will” be carried out during the planned period of the Hungarian section of the project which is 12 months.

Answer: This questions means that the work step will be carried out during the sub-contract period and is therefore part of the proposal.

Question 2:

“Which of your own resources are used?”: Could you please elaborate more on the used term “resources”?

Answer: This questions relates to possible or planned tools, that the subcontractor might use, e.g. specific software, databasis. “Usual” resources don’t have to be mentioned (e.g. Microsoft Office 365, Literature).


IKEM – Institute for Climate Protection, Energy and Mobility e.V.