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Professor Rodi honoured with Greifswald Research Award

Professor Michael Rodi was honoured with the Greifswald Research Award in the Senior category at this year’s award ceremony. Rodi, the director of the Institute for Climate Protection, Energy and Mobility (IKEM) in Berlin, received the award in recognition of his many years of research in the field of climate law. The Greifswald University Club (GUC) presents the award annually to individuals who have made special contributions to outstanding application-oriented research and to its transfer.

IKEM Managing Director Simon Schäfer-Stradowsky praised Professor Rodi for his groundbreaking climate research. ‘He linked his original research focus – tax law – with the topics of sustainability and climate policy at an early stage,’ Mr Schäfer-Stradowsky said. ‘That was pioneering work. This interdisciplinary approach has shaped the field of climate law from the very beginning – and by founding IKEM, Prof. Rodi created a permanent structure to advance the development of the field. The connection between his original research into the financial system and his passion for climate policy has never been more relevant than it is today. Congratulations on receiving the Greifswald Research Award!’

Dr Friedrich-Wilhelm Hagemeyer, President of the Greifswald University Club, noted IKEM’s success as the ‘first research institution for climate law to focus on the large context of energy and mobility issues.’ He continued: ‘The GUC rarely encounters “start-ups” that are as successful as IKEM in applied research. Under Professor Rodi’s leadership, the Institute founded has achieved national and international prominence.’

‘Michael Rodi is an excellent example of a scientist who observes societal challenges and uses his expertise to target these issues and successfully address them. This gives his teaching a practical orientation and makes his research highly relevant for society, the economy and politics,’ said Professor Katharina Riedel, Rector of the University of Greifswald. ‘By founding IKEM, he has also ensured that this knowledge can be successfully transferred.’ IKEM’s work is crucial, she added, because ‘the link that connects energy and mobility with the requirements of climate change mitigation has never been more relevant.’

Dr Neetika Nath of Greifswald’s Institute of Bioinformatics received the Greifswald Research Award in the Junior category for outstanding achievements in application-oriented research. Her research examines the use of artificial intelligence to identify biomarkers, as well as the associations between genetic variants and specific diseases.



Since 2013, the GUC has presented the Greifswald Research Award annually to recognise exemplary application-oriented research. The GUC is a non-profit organisation that links Greifswald’s application-oriented research with industry. The annual award acknowledges accomplishments in Junior, Senior and Business categories. Recipients of the Senior Research Award can include established researchers as well as entrepreneurs.


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