Analysis of investment gaps and needs for the Czech Republic

Analysis of investment gaps and needs for the Czech Republic

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The report analyzes the investment needs to achieve the climate and energy targets for 2030 in the Czech Republic. It focuses on two sectors: buildings, including sector integrated renewable energy systems, and the renewable energy supply sector, including the related infrastructure necessary for their development. These sectors are central to the low-carbon transition in the Czech Republic.

The annual investment needs in the building sector are estimated at EUR 1,276 million, including EUR 690 million for the renovation of buildings and EUR 586 million for building-integrated renewable energy sources. In contrast, the investment inflows in climate and energy in buildings identified in our last report amount to only EUR 612 million, which requires at least a doubling of efforts to achieve the 2030 targets.

In the field of supply with renewable energies, we have estimated the investment requirement up to 2030 at EUR 690 million annually (excluding building-integrated systems). This figure shows a six-fold investment gap compared to the equivalent investment of 98 million euros in 2017. Apparently, the current system of non-financial and financial support for renewable energy sources or the setting of the parameters of this system is not leading to sufficient development of renewable energy sources to meet the 2030 targets and transform the entire economy into an efficient, low-carbon system.