| April 2022

Innovative fuels for low-emission aviation

Concept study of the ITEAL project.
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Using the example of the airfields in Straußberg and Schönhagen, the ITEAL concept study addresses the question of how the aviation sector can be supplied with climate-friendly fuel that is also produced decentrally. Both airfields are planning to build photovoltaic systems on their grounds, the electricity from which hydrogen and synthetic kerosene can be produced on site.

The study indicates that decentralized production of hydrogen and power-to-liquid fuels can in fact be enabled with technologies that are available today. This way, CO2 emissions and other pollutants can be significantly reduced in the aviation sector. This study is intended to serve as a compendium and model beyond these local projects in Straußberg and Schönhagen, in order to implement similar systems at other locations.

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Berlin-Brandenburg Aerospace Allianz: Innovative fuels for low-emission aviation. Concept study of the ITEAL project. 2022.