International cooperation must be at the heart of Ukraine’s energy sector transformation

– EUETH event 10. June 2024

Leading up to the Ukraine Recovery Conference (URC), the Europe Ukraine Energy Transition Hub (EUETH) hosted a high-level discussion on the future of Ukraine’s energy sector and its critical role in the nation’s path toward EU membership. The event highlighted the need for close cooperation between Ukrainian, European and transatlantic partners in order to ensure […]

A way ahead for Ukraine’s energy sector and climate action

Ievgeniia Kopytsia

For more than two years now, Ukraine has been defying the Russian invasion and the many associated challenges – including in the energy sector. For this newsletter, we spoke to our colleague Ievgeniia Kopytsia about the impact of the war on climate protection, the country’s impressive goals for decarbonizing its energy sector and the cooperation […]

IKEM at the COP29

View from Baku

Each COP is a defining moment in the fight for our planet and a sustainable future. Scientific findings including the latest IPCC reports and the worrying development of global warming have repeatedly stressed the need for urgent climate action – a key priority for this year’s COP29, hosted in Baku (Azerbaijan) between 11 and 22 […]

Social innovations and the electricity transition

The ENGAGE project is researching the potential of social innovations for the successful and inclusive implementation of the energy transition. The goals and activities for the remaining six months of the project were discussed at the partner meeting in Berlin. The energy transition can only succeed if we work together – as demonstrated by countless […]

Proposal for a nationwide regulation of citizen participation in wind and solar parks

Ground-mounted photovoltaic systems on a green field

Acceptance for the energy transition depends on involving residents affected by it – this is the premise of a recently published legal study by IKEM on behalf of the Bündnis Bürgerenergie (BBEn) and the Deutscher Genossenschafts- und Raiffeisenverband (DGRV). Only if wind and solar parks will only be recognized as a positive development in the […]

H2-ready power plants

Energy Round Table Logo

Hydrogen plays a pivotal role in the renewable energy system, ensuring secure electricity generation. As we embrace this shift, it is imperative for both new and existing power plants to be H2-ready. Join us at the Berlin Energy Round Table on February 28, 2024, at 6:00 p.m. at the Institute for Climate Protection, Energy and […]