Social innovations and the electricity transition

The ENGAGE project is researching the potential of social innovations for the successful and inclusive implementation of the energy transition. The goals and activities for the remaining six months of the project were discussed at the partner meeting in Berlin. The energy transition can only succeed if we work together – as demonstrated by countless […]

ENGAGE Innovation Workshop

We want to enable the energy transition with social innovations! In this innovation workshop, we want to introduce you to the potential of social innovation in the energy transition and work with you to develop new ideas to expand the ENGAGE project. Project ideas for new products and services are to be developed, tested and […]

Transformative strategies for a climate-positive planet

Group photo

The 20th annual IKEM Academy ‘Energy and Climate’ brought together 38 participants from 21 countries in Berlin on 3-7 July to develop common ideas for paths towards a climate-positive planet. The workshops, lectures and excursions unpacked innovative ideas and strategies to reach our climate targets on time, from policy and litigation to participation and science […]