Towards more courageous decision-making

At the IKEM Annual Conference on October 19, renowned experts presented their climate protection strategies for road freight transport. The presentations and subsequent discussions highlighted the challenges currently facing the industry and the urgent need for clear guidance and support from policymakers. IKEM Director Prof. Dr. Michael Rodi “On the one hand, road freight transport […]

Strategies for the expansion of electric road systems in Europe

Oberleitungs-LWK auf einem eHighway-Testfeld

Electric road systems (ERS) are infrastructures – such as overhead lines or inductive charging technologies – that enable electric vehicles to be supplied with energy while driving. These systems have the potential to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions from transportation, particularly in heavy freight transport. As part of the CollERS2 project, the Institute for Climate […]

AMELIE II Final Conference


On 19.10.2023 (11.00-16.00) IKEM will host the concluding event of AMELIE II. Since 2020, this project has been researching overhead line infrastructure on highways as a way to decarbonise heavy goods transport. The result is an introductory vision for the e-Highway, which the project consortium will present, along with other project results on standardisation, billing […]

Climate roadworks: How can we decarbonise road freight transport?

When it comes to moving goods, trucks are currently the most popular choice: The total capacity of freight transport on German roads has doubled over the last three decades and it now accounts for about three quarters of all freight transport. This development makes commercial road vehicles a backbone of our economic system but also […]

Electric energy billing for overhead line trucks

Overhead line truck on test track

Overhead lines on highways are a promising approach to decarbonise heavy freight traffic. In a new study, IKEM has examined the legal framework with regard to the billing of energy consumption and the integration of overhead line trucks into the energy market. In the ongoing research projects AMELIE 2 and ELISA II-B, actor models have […]

Germany and France must lead the way on electric road system technology

Oberleitungs-LWK auf einem eHighway-Testfeld

In a study published today, IKEM examines scenarios and frameworks for the extensive implementation of electric road systems (ERS) in the EU. If appropriate preconditions are met, ERS has the potential to contribute to the decarbonisation of the transport sector by providing energy for heavy-duty transport. The study concludes that the European framework requires and […]