| Januar 2008

Between Theory and Practice: Putting Climate Policy to work

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ISBN: 978-3-939804-36-9


This volume closely reflects the international, interdisciplinary and integrative conception of the Summer Academy “Energy and the Environment.” In the third year of its existence, participants contributed a remarkable number of excellent contributions, necessitating publication in two separate volumes. The first part of this present volume explores challenges currently faced under the flexibility mechanisms of the Kyoto Protocol, notably their efficiency and their role for developing countries in a future climate regime. The second half is devoted to the wider range of policies und measures, with topics as diverse as the promotion of renewable energy, the measurement of energy efficiency, and the exploration of legal aspects of innovative – yet also controversial – Carbon Capture and Sequestration technologies. Well-rounded and accessible, this volume provides an informative canvas of the broader debate on available instruments to mitigate climate change.

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Rodi, Michael: Between Theory and Practice: Putting Climate Policy to work. Lexxion 2008.