Adavancing the energy transistion: Kopernikus

The Institute for Climate Protection, Energy and Mobility (IKEM) takes part in the largest research initiative dealing with federal energy policy: IKEM will undertake central tasks within the sector coupling project “ENavi” that was slected for funding by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

The large-scale federal research initiative “Kopernikus-Projekte für die Energiewende” (“projects that adavance the energy transistion”) was launched by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research with the aim of developing innovative technological and economical solutions for the transformation of the energy system. Within a period of 10 years, more than 230 partners from science, industry and civil society will work on the four research topics “new grid structures”, “storage of renewable energy”, “redesign of industrial processes” and “system integration”.

Within the research topic “systems integration” IKEM is involved a sub-project named “ENavi”. In this context, system integration is considered to be a key element for achieving not only a transformation of the electricity sector, i.e. the substitution of fossil fuels used in the generation of electrical energy, but rather a comprehensive energy transformation. This holistic approach includes not only electric power but also the sectors heat, gas and fuel. The project will also consider issues of public acceptance and develop new business models for this specific area.

IKEM will analyze the potential of energy conversion processes (electricity to other energy sources) from technical, economic, social, legal and public relation perspectives. It will derive recommendations for a cross-sector energy supply. Together with the participating partners, IKEM will also develop and implement practical concepts in several model regions.



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