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Potential and challenges of green ammonia as marine fuel in the port of Rostock


The Institute for Climate Protection, Energy and Mobility (IKEM) has published a study that examines social acceptance issues related to the use of ammonia in shipping. With regard to aspects such as employment potential, air quality and greenhouse gas emissions, the study uses the example of the Port of Rostock to show that green ammonia is a promising alternative to fossil fuels – but a smooth transition requires a viable introduction strategy.

“When technological and social transformations occur, there is often concern that jobs will be lost. Our study illustrates that the introduction of ammonia-powered ships may indeed lead to a temporary shift in employment. However, thanks to Rostock’s strategic location, the labor market situation will recover quickly and new employment opportunities will even be created,” says Dàmir Belltheus Avdic, head of IKEM’s Climate and Innovation Department.

The study authors also emphasize that the use of green ammonia improves air quality and reduces the climate impact of shipping compared to fossil fuels. Nevertheless, there are environmental risks that need to be addressed through appropriate safety precautions and regular training of port personnel. Early implementation and proactive communication of the measures are essential to gain the public trust necessary for the use of ammonia.

Belltheus Avdic adds: “The introduction of green ammonia as a sustainable marine fuel is a task for the entire Baltic Sea region and beyond. Our study therefore not only shows how the transformation of the Port of Rostock can succeed, but also provides important insights for other ports in the region.”


The study was developed in subproject CF11 of the research project CAMPFIRE – funded by the program “WIR! – Change through Innovation in the Region” program of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). The aim is the research and development of new high-tech energy conversion and storage technologies for the future energy system based on green ammonia, and exploitation of exportable technologies by regional small and medium-sized enterprises of the North-East region.


IKEM – Institute for Climate Protection, Energy and Mobility e.V.