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BOWE2H aims to foster transnational collaboration and exchange on offshore wind energy and hydrogen generation in the Baltic Sea region.



The Baltic Sea region has the potential to be a pioneer in renewable-powered, integrated electricity markets. To tap into this regional potential, transnational collaboration is key: A regional perspective is needed to build sufficient interconnectors for the distribution of offshore electricity across the Baltic Sea Region. A transnational collaboration would also address the urgent need to strategically plan for electrolysis sites that can covert offshore electricity into green hydrogen to decarbonize the mobility and heating sector, and further boost independence of energy imports in the region. 

BOWE2H gathers regional policy-makers, industry leads, grid operators, planners and experts from the offshore wind and hydrogen field in a common platform. Through events and workshops, BOWE2H will foster the necessary transnational exchange to work towards a sustainable energy system in the Baltic Sea region, with offshore wind energy and green hydrogen at its heart. 

Project activities

Exchange and capacity-building

BOWE2H unites regional stakeholders from the policy, grid, research and industry field through regular high-level events and co-creative workshops. The events take an interdisciplinary, regional approach to the further development of offshore wind energy and hydrogen.  

Integration of expertise in a roadmap

The knowledge exchange and generated at the events will be documented and complemented with interviews, and will feed into an infographic roadmap report illustrating the status quo of offshore wind and hydrogen and their future development potential, emphasizing the obstacles identified to reaching this potential, and mitigating measures and solutions to overcome these obstacles and work towards an integrated, low-carbon energy landscape in the Baltic Sea region. 

Current issues



Bowe2H Logo

BOWE2H – Baltic Offshore Wind Energy to Hydrogen

Principal: European Commission

Funding programme: Interreg Baltic Sea Region

Project partner: Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden , Latvian Association of Local and Regional Governments, Lithuanian Energy Agency, Polish Wind Energy Association, Stiftung Offshore-Windenergie

Duration: 10/2022–09/2024

BOWE2H was developed from the seed-money project ‘BOWE2X - Offshore Wind Electricity to Hydrogen, Synthetic Gas and Liquid Fuels in the Baltic Sea’, building on the Interreg project ‘Baltic InteGrid’.