IKEM supports the BUGA:log project during the approval process for an autonomous last mile transport system.


The BUGA:log project examines sustainable solutions for the so-called “last mile” in urban logistics. The project’s central element is the testing of a self-driving transport system on the site of the 2019 Federal Horticultural Show in Heilbronn. In addition, researchers will investigate the acceptance of autonomous vehicles among the general public.

The operation of driverless transport vehicles on public roads is not covered by the current legal framework. Therefore, the project requires an exceptional permit from the responsible authorities. IKEM supports the project consortium in the approval process through accompanying legal research.


BUGA:log - Application for a permit for driverless transport units

Principal: Kompetenzzentrum LOGWERT

Project partner: Hochschule Heilbronn

Duration: 05/2016–06/2016