EQT: The gender equality toolkit

The Gender Equality Toolkit raises awareness about gender inequality and empowers people to take action against sexism in professional environments.

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This is a self-funded project that was born out of the shared experiences of our colleagues and a desire to address gender inequality in an informative and engaging way with facts, arguments and statistics. The goal is to empower women and allies to speak up against sexism and raise awareness of challenges and opportunities for improvement. The toolkit keeps a positive and light tone and aims to draw a wide range of people into the conversation about equality.

Further information on EQT can be found on the project website and on LinkedIn.


Excerpt from the Gender Equality Toolkit Infographic-Booklet
An informative infographic booklet of myth-busting, argument-building and empowering information from which anyone entering conversations on equality could benefit.
Extract from the Gender Equality ToolkitCard Game
The card game starts with 50 cards that illustrate a range of ways in which sexism can manifest at work. A corresponding set of 50 response cards suggest possible reactions. The game allows players to learn about structural challenges in an engaging, even fun, way thanks to the comic-style visuals and colourful design.
Extract from the Gender Equality ToolkitPoster
The beautiful poster shows inspiring women and female empowerment throughout history visualised in waves from the suffragettes onwards.