Event moderation and facilitation

IKEM offers moderation, facilitation and story-telling for events on climate and the energy transition.


Excellent facilitation and moderation can make any event fizzle or sizzle. The complexity of the energy transition and the climate crisis requires a wide variety of interdisciplinary experts from industry, policy, research and civil society to present ideas and solutions.

Events, conferences and workshops must bring these different voices together, draw in the audience, and build everyone into a shared narrative that deepens understanding and inspires action. The S&I team draws from over ten years of moderation, facilitation and story-telling experience, further strengthened with in-depth thematic knowledge on climate, energy transition and participatory methods. Our S&I experts make sure the stories and knowledge offered at an expert event are moderated into an optimistic narrative that leaves both participants and speakers energized to face today’s sustainability challenges!

In addition to eleven years of IKEM Academy moderation, covering conferences and co-creative workshops, the S&I team frequently offers moderation and narrative expertise to a variety of clients, such as the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation’s‘Science and Media Communication Labs’, and the New Mobility Conference, as well as the International Journalist Programme (IJP) two year running webinar series‘Climate Talks’ and‘Asia Talks’.

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