The GET H2 initiative aims to establish the core for a nationwide hydrogen infrastructure. IKEM analyzes the legal framework and possible utilization paths for renewable hydrogen.



Hydrogen and the power-to-gas technology are considered key for a successful energy transition as hydrogen is relevant as a link for decarbonization, especially in the sectors of industry, transport and heat. The “GET H2” initiative aims to contribute to meeting climate targets with a nationwide hydrogen infrastructure. The project aims to use existing gas infrastructures to create a hydrogen network that can supply consumers with renewable hydrogen. An initial hydrogen sub-network in Lingen is the starting point for a nationwide network.

Für die Initiative GET H2 untersucht dIKEM is investigating the legal framework for such a hydrogen sub-grid as well as the legal framework for the operation of the hydrogen electrolyser for the GET H2 initiative. The focus of this study is on the electricity price components and the EEG levy. In addition, IKEM examines the regulatory framework with regard to potential utilization paths of hydrogen. The results will be used as a basis for developing business models and policy recommendations.



Project partner: BASF, BP Europa, ENERTRAG , Evonik , GASCADE , H2 Green Power & Logistics, Nowega , OGE , RWE, Salzgitter, Thyssengas, Uniper

Duration: 04/2019