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Hydrogen Rainbow

With the "hydrogen rainbow", IKEM illustrates the various processes for the production of hydrogen.


Green hydrogen is hailed as the key to unlocking the energy transition and decarbonising hard-to-reach sectors like mobility and heating. IKEM (the Sustainability and Innovation team joining forces with the Energy Law team) produced a study to establish that today’s hydrogen is overwhelmingly produced with fossil fuels, summing up the many different production processes to create hydrogen in a unique infographic known as the ‘hydrogen rainbow’.


The study’s main conclusions are the amount of green hydrogen necessary to power tomorrow’s green energy system requires a rapid build-out of additional renewable energy capacities, certification standards to ensure hydrogen is produced sustainably, and of course, the involvement of local communities to make sure this decentralisation of power also benefits people.



IKEM – Institute for Climate Protection, Energy and Mobility e.V.

Wasserstoff - Farbenlehre - Rechtwissenschaftliche und rechtspolitische Kurzstudie

Principal: Wirtschaftsförderung Brandenburg

Duration: 10/2020–12/2020