Innovative concepts for sustainable logistics in Baden-Württemberg



The impact of rising demand in online commerce is an increase in the number of parcel deliveries and a high volume of delivery vehicles on the roads. To enable municipalities to respond to this trend, the LogistikBW project explores innovative concepts for the logistics of last mile delivery and examines options for action. The project is intended to ensure that the so-called CEP industry (courier, express and parcel industry) becomes more climate-friendly and city-friendly, while at the same time ensuring reliable supplies to the population.

As part of the project, IKEM is conducting a study to examine the legal processes, hurdles and risks associated with these new logistics solutions. With the study, IKEM offers municipalities a comprehensive decision-making basis and a guide for the implementation of local projects for more sustainable logistics.



LogistikBW – Sustainable logistics in Baden-Württemberg

Principal: e-mobil BW

Project partner: Kompetenzzentrum LOGWERT

Duration: 03/2021–10/2021