Study on the EU taxonomy

IKEM examines how the new EU rules for sustainable investments affect the gas industry.


In the course of the European Green Deal, more public and private investments will flow into sustainable economic activities. To ensure that investors receive the necessary information on the ecological sustainability of their investments and to prevent misuse, the European Union issued a taxonomy ordinance in June 2020 with uniform European environmental targets and assessment criteria. The Commission is responsible for regulating the further implementation of additional regulations.

On behalf of VNG AG, IKEM prepared a brief legal opinion on the mechanism of action of the EU taxonomy and analyzes the draft for current follow-up ordinances. The focus of the study is on the possible effects of the EU taxonomy on gas supply companies and gas network operators.


IKEM – Institute for Climate Protection, Energy and Mobility e.V.

Analysis of the draft of a delegated EU regulation for the new EU taxonomy and preparation of adaptation proposals

Principal: VNG AG

Duration: 11/2020–12/2020