Book Launch

Sun, Wind & Wires: Atlas of an energy system in transition

We are delighted to present ‘Sun, Wind & Wires’: an attractively illustrated textbook on the energy transition.

‘Sun, Wind & Wires’ is the English version of the German original ‘Strom Netz Fluss’. It brings together expertise in energy economics with the captivating aesthetics of Ellery Studio. The aim behind this ‘Atlas of an energy system in transition’ is to make our energy world understandable for a wide audience.

After wonderful feedback on the 1st edition of the book (2021), this new launch will not only present the English edition, but also a 2nd German one. Both versions include updates of the original chapters and new content on the European electricity market, the European regulatory context, and green hydrogen.

RGI and 50Hertz have worked together with the original authors from the Department of Energy Systems at TU Berlin and the WindNODE network to present these new editions. IKEM provided the English translation and additional research on energy law.

At the launch, the editors, designers and authors will discuss the book, its inspirations and future opportunities to tell the story of the energy transition.

You can already have a look into the book here.


IKEM – Institute for Climate Protection, Energy and Mobility e.V.