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Support for Ukraine

The Russian invasion of Ukraine began more than a month ago. Since then, countless people have fled and are looking for protection in neighboring countries. Many others, like our partners from the National Law University in Kharkiv, are providing help for those who remain and are living under adverse circumstances.

Together with our strategic partners BBH and BBHC, we launched a call for donations among our workforces to support the people in Ukraine and the refugees who have been forced to flee. We raised 75,000 euros and are able to directly support the National Law University in Kharkiv as well as various aid projects in Poland and Berlin that help refugees.

Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University Charkiw

Around 1,200 students, employees and their families live in accommodations on the university campus while they seek protection from the fighting in the city. The university supports them by providing them with food, water, medicine and other essentials.

In 2021, IKEM and the University in Kharkiv began a scientific cooperation. We hope to carry out joint research on German-Ukrainian climate protection projects and on developments in climate law. In addition, we want to create an exchange program for Ukrainian and German legal scholars.

Donation: €50,000.00 | For more information, visit:

City of Bielsko-Biała

The city of Bielsko-Biała – an IKEM partner from the MAMBA project – is located in southern Poland and expects up to 1,700 refugees from Ukraine. The donations are used to purchase urgently needed materials to provide accommodations the refugees, such as camp beds, mattresses, sleeping bags, blankets and pillows.

Donation: €2,500.00 | More information at:

Supporting your Neighbours

The initiative of the entrepreneur Marcin Brzoza cooperates with the local NGO “Koło gospodyń wiejskich” (Circle of rural housewives) to support refugee families directly at the border crossing near Moczary (Poland) with warm meals. In addition, they organized accommodation and long-term support for four Ukrainian families.

Donation: €7,500.00 | Website:

Malteser Hilfsdienst

Malteser Hilfsdienst organizes aid transports and supports people arriving in the regions bordering Ukraine. There they receive food, warm clothing and blankets. They also receive medical care and are placed at shelters. Psychological help is also offered where possible.

Donation: €7,500.00 | Further information:


The team of young Berliners, some of them with Ukrainian roots, have been providing Ukrainian refugees with accommodation and everything they need (food, medical care, etc.). Since the beginning of the war, they have found accommodation for 120 people in eleven properties in Berlin.

Donation: €7,500.00 | More information and a possibility to donate can be found at



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