IKEM at the COP29

View from Baku

Each COP is a defining moment in the fight for our planet and a sustainable future. Scientific findings including the latest IPCC reports and the worrying development of global warming have repeatedly stressed the need for urgent climate action – a key priority for this year’s COP29, hosted in Baku (Azerbaijan) between 11 and 22 […]

“Developing the constitutional debt system in the context of climate protection”

With its ruling on November 15, 2023, the Federal Constitutional Court declared the Second Supplementary Budget Act 2021 null and void. The law aimed to allocate EUR 60 billion in unutilized credit appropriations to the “Climate and Transformation Fund” (KTF), originally earmarked for dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. According to the decision by the Federal […]

The hub for basic research at IKEM

The Research Academy stands for excellent basic research, scientific networking and the promotion of young researchers. It is the hub of IKEM, as it bundles all scientific work of the institute that deals with the fundamental legal, economic and political science issues of climate protection. In this interview, Dr Greta Reeh, Head of the Research […]

An overview of energy law and energy reality

Cover des Buchs Energierecht und Energiewirklichkeit auf neutralem Hintergrund

The second, completely revised edition of Energierecht und Energiewirklichkeit was released today by the publisher Energie & Management. The handbook, edited by Prof. Christian Held and Dr. Simon Schäfer-Stradowsky, introduces the basics of energy law and explains to readers how the energy world actually works, using practical examples. Energierecht und Energiewirklichkeit is aimed not only […]