Towards more courageous decision-making

At the IKEM Annual Conference on October 19, renowned experts presented their climate protection strategies for road freight transport. The presentations and subsequent discussions highlighted the challenges currently facing the industry and the urgent need for clear guidance and support from policymakers. IKEM Director Prof. Dr. Michael Rodi “On the one hand, road freight transport […]

Diversity, sustainability and interdisciplinary solutions

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The Mobility department is dedicated to the challenges associated with advancing digitalization and the development of autonomous vehicles. Other focal points include the transition to the use of alternative driving systems and fuels for transportation with as few greenhouse gas emissions as possible, innovative mobility concepts, the design of sustainable logistics, as well as the […]

Future Mobility Summit

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The Future Mobility Summit, taking place on September 26 and 27, 2023, is an event that brings together influential decision-makers who are actively driving the transformative changes in the field of mobility. Over two days, speakers from politics, science, business and civil society will discuss the common future of mobility and sustainability. This year’s 2023 […]

Mobility transition in rural areas

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At IKEM, on May 4, 2023, the MobiRural research consortium members convened to share their research outcomes and engage in discussions regarding the future course of the project. The European MobiRural initiative aims to identify sustainable solutions for rural mobility and create a practical learning platform to facilitate their successful implementation. In this way, the […]

Connected mobility for climate action

On gathered 17 international project partners for the third ORCHESTRA plenary meeting on 1 and 2 February 2023. The project aims to coordinate and synchronise the transport networks (road, rail, sea, air) with each other in order to achieve better and more resilient traffic management. The meeting in Berlin served to exchange findings and decide […]