Proposal for a nationwide regulation of citizen participation in wind and solar parks

Ground-mounted photovoltaic systems on a green field

Acceptance for the energy transition depends on involving residents affected by it – this is the premise of a recently published legal study by IKEM on behalf of the Bündnis Bürgerenergie (BBEn) and the Deutscher Genossenschafts- und Raiffeisenverband (DGRV). Only if wind and solar parks will only be recognized as a positive development in the […]

How to effectively plan and approve ground-mounted photovoltaic systems

Ground-mounted photovoltaic systems on a green field

The energy transition is in full swing and the expansion of renewable energies plays a decisive role in the process. However, in order to achieve the government’s climate targets, it is necessary to accelerate the expansion of solar installations. In a new poster, IKEM and GermanZero therefore present a vision for enhancing the efficiency of […]

Mandatory PV installation on every car park?

The intended introduction of a photovoltaic (PV) obligation for existing car parks in France offers an opportunity to investigate whether a similar regulation could be implemented in German law.[1] A PV obligation for existing car parks would have considerable potential in Germany as well: a December 2022 study by Fraunhofer ISE estimated that covering 300,000 […]

Buildings as flexible stakeholders in the energy system

Decarbonization of the building sector is an important part of the energy transition, but little progress has been made to date. In order to be able to use more renewable energy as well as to stabilize the energy system, individual buildings or entire neighborhoods must be able to respond flexibly in the future to the […]