Julie Hertel

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Julie Hertel completed her Bachelor’s degree in International Management at the Université d’Angers. She then completed an internship at IKEM and subsequently trained in graphic design. Now Julie works in IKEM’s department as a junior graphic designer.

A new sustainable fuel sets sail

Cargo ship on green background

Many green fuels reach their limits when it comes to propelling giant vessels across the ocean. IKEM is releasing an infographic poster to explain the potential for green ammonia to serve as a carbon-neutral fuel for the shipping sector. In the face of climate change and the energy crisis, the decarbonisation of our energy supply […]

Humboldt Communication Lab

The Communication Lab for Exchange between Research and Media is organised twice a year by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation for its fellows and young journalists from all over the world. In this event, participants are accompanied by experts in science communication as they work on a journalistic product related to a specific topic. The […]