The climate crisis is a total drag but IKEM is doing something about it with fun videos on climate and energy topics narrated by a drag queen.

Darg Queen auf einer Bühne


Reading is fundamental. But studies show that viewers retain up to 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text, and users spend 88% more time on a webpage with video content. As the climate crisis looms, climate and energy transition topics deserve all the attention they can possibly get. So why not use the story-telling power and glamour of a drag queen to tell everyone what’s the tea?

Infodrag will create short videos with animated infographics. Each video will focus on a different topic that range from the big-picture issues such as global emissions, climate justice and the need for more renewables to reach our climate targets to nitty gritty subjects such as energy subsidies and climate litigation. IKEM is taking care of the project’s narrative, climate content and topic setting. We are joining forces with one of Berlin’s premier drag queens for the flair and extravaganza, and our creative partners at Ellery Studio are providing the script, video and animation.


Infodrag – Fun video explainers on climate and energy by a drag queen

Principal: United States Embassy in Germany

Project partner: Ellery Studio

Duration: 11/2022–10/2023