International cooperation must be at the heart of Ukraine’s energy sector transformation

– EUETH event 10. June 2024

Leading up to the Ukraine Recovery Conference (URC), the Europe Ukraine Energy Transition Hub (EUETH) hosted a high-level discussion on the future of Ukraine’s energy sector and its critical role in the nation’s path toward EU membership. The event highlighted the need for close cooperation between Ukrainian, European and transatlantic partners in order to ensure […]

A way ahead for Ukraine’s energy sector and climate action

Ievgeniia Kopytsia

For more than two years now, Ukraine has been defying the Russian invasion and the many associated challenges – including in the energy sector. For this newsletter, we spoke to our colleague Ievgeniia Kopytsia about the impact of the war on climate protection, the country’s impressive goals for decarbonizing its energy sector and the cooperation […]

“An agreement is only as good as its implementation”

COP Panel

Ievgeniia Kopytsia, research associate at IKEM and member of the newly founded Europe Ukraine Energy Transition Hub (EUETH), attended COP28 in Dubai. In an interview, she shares insights on the conference and its outcomes, along with their implications for Ukraine.  What was your role at COP28 in Dubai? I attended the COP in a dual […]

​​Unlocking Ukraine’s potential​

Participants of EUETH's COP28 side event in Dubai, December 2023

At a COP28 side event hosted by the Europe Ukraine Energy Transition Hub (EUETH), IKEM’s panelists highlighted the need for a robust legal framework and international cooperation for a successful transformation of the Ukrainian energy sector after the war. “The energy transition is a key element for Ukraine’s long-term prosperity. A successful transformation contributes to […]


COP28 Logo

Each COP is a defining moment in the fight for our planet and a sustainable future. Scientific findings including the latest IPCC reports have repeatedly stressed the need for urgent climate action – a key priority for this year’s COP28, hosted in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) between 30 November and 12 December 2023. Almost eight […]