Unicorns in Tech Festival

Anika Nicolaas Ponder, the Sustainability & Innovation Team Lead, will join Bernd Riedel, Founder and CEO of Ellery Studio, in giving the presentation ‘Gender equality in the workplace: Gamification and engagement for a feminist future’ at the Unicorns in Tech Festival 2021.

Unicorns in Tech is a community for LGBTI people in the tech industry, which brings together experts and interested parties from the sector to discuss diverse identities in the workplace through workshops, panel discussions, talks and networking events. The presentation by Anika Nicolaas Ponder and Bernd Riedel will focus on the interactions between climate action and gender equality. A particular emphasis will be on the potential of innovative narrative formats to bring about social change. 



IKEM – Institute for Climate Protection, Energy and Mobility e.V.