Gender Equality Working Group

IKEM has taken its commitment to gender equality a step further and created a Gender Equality Working Group. Within the framework of the EQT – Gender Equality Toolkit, the Sustainability & Innovation team has already gained extensive experience and knowledge on the topic of gender equality in the workplace, which serves as a basis for the work of the IKEM-wide working group.


The working group is currently creating an internal Gender Equality Plan, which will further solidify previous gender equality efforts to ensure IKEM is a fair workplace. In order to ensure that gender equality is always taken into account in research activities at IKEM as a whole, the working group is writing guidelines for research to use by all teams. Additionally, members of the working group are also creating a resources folder for materials from other leading organisations and to document networks of expert women working in different focus areas. Another initiative is to set up an internal forum where staff members can exchange views on relevant topics and share their experiences with its many committed comrades-in-arms from the various teams.


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