Asia Talks

The digital event series Asia Talks, launched by the International Journalists’ Programmes (IJP), discusses current social issues in a virtual exchange involving experts and interested parties every month. The focus is always on regional developments in topics related to climate protection, gender equality, the future of mobility, agriculture and social cohesion. Under the moderation of […]

Unicorns in Tech Festival

Anika Nicolaas Ponder, the Sustainability & Innovation Team Lead, will join Bernd Riedel, Founder and CEO of Ellery Studio, in giving the presentation ‘Gender equality in the workplace: Gamification and engagement for a feminist future’ at the Unicorns in Tech Festival 2021.

Gender Equality Working Group

IKEM has taken its commitment to gender equality a step further and created a Gender Equality Working Group. Within the framework of the EQT – Gender Equality Toolkit, the Sustainability & Innovation team has already gained extensive experience and knowledge on the topic of gender equality in the workplace, which serves as a basis for […]