InnoTrans 2022

At InnoTrans 2022, IKEM lays the groundwork for autonomous trams

In the AStriD project, the IKEM is using the example of a tram depot in Potsdam to investigate how autonomous driving systems can be implemented in rail vehicles. At InnoTrans 2022, senior researchers Friedemann Kallmeyer and Timon Plass presented their findings on the economic potential of such systems as well as the challenges associated with the legal framework.

IKEM participated in the ‘Speakers’ Corner’ lecture series at InnoTrans 2022, the international trade fair for transport technology. At the event, IKEM researchers presented the current status of the AStriD project and provided insight into the results of the economic and legal research conducted for the project.

Speaking before an audience of transit experts, Timon Plass explained how the AStriD project is working to address the lack of a legal framework for autonomous trams. He proposed using the provisions in the Law on Autonomous Driving for the motor vehicle sector as a template for autonomous driving provisions in regulations on tram construction and operation (BOStrab). This would guarantee legal certainty for relevant research projects in the future.

Friedemann Kallmeyer, deputy head of IKEM’s Mobility Department, highlighted the economic potential and advantages of automating depots in the tram sector. He noted that automating trams in the depot can boost economic efficiency by up to 92% in terms of working time. This conclusion was based on research and calculations conducted by IKEM for the AStriD project.

The other speakers from the project consortium were Matthias Hofmann (SIEMENS Mobility), Nicole Kechler (KIT Karlsruhe, ITIV) and Ivo Köhler (ViP Verkehrsbetrieb Potsdam).


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